Desk Space Membership Plans

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Desk space from COWOZO allows you to plug-and-play from a space of your own choice. Find a desk, a comfortable spot or an office starting from a day to a month! Be ready to kickstart your business in Mangalore.

₹ 300

Per Day*

Actual Price: ₹254.24 + GST ₹45.76​

₹ 3,000

Per month*

Actual Price: ₹2542.37 + GST ₹457.63

₹ 4,000

Per month*

Actual Price: ₹23389.83 + GST ₹610.17

* The above prices are indicative starting prices, Please select location for current pricing for that location

** Charged extra based on usage


Frequently asked questions

Yes, you will be able to receive mails and parcels in your name or your business name.

We charge one month’s fees as refundable security deposit. i.e. You need to pay security deposit of Rs. 4,000 at time of joining if your monthly fees is Rs. 4,000.

We bill you at the time of joining and 1st of every month after that.

Yes, you can join on any day of the month. 

We invoice you on pro rata basis.


If you sign up for 2 seats on 14th of July at Rs.4,000 per seat.

You will need to pay Rs. 16,000 at time of joining. 8,000 towards your fees and 8,000 towards security deposit.

Your next invoice for Rs. 4266.66 will be due on 15th August.

The invoice after that for Rs.8,000 will be due on September 01.