Coworking Office Space Manager

Coworking space is a place brimming with innovation and creation, a place where like-minded people come to work, to collaborate, to grow their businesses. Mangalore is full of the creative, the inspired , a whole generation ready for change and transform their respective fields. We simply created a place for the community to come together and we are looking for the right person to help us make it the best coworking community.

—What we’re looking for—

We’re looking for someone who’s smart, responsible and well-connected to the local community to help manage the cowozo coworking space. The ideal candidate will be passionate about entrepreneurship, enjoy meeting and networking with freelancers, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. He or she should understand the concept and value of coworking.The community space manager will be eager to supporting members and help grow their businesses. Additionally, this role will handle day-to-day operations of the space, field requests from vendors and partners, create events and programs for members. This is a very entrepreneurial position with potential to grow into a greater role as cowozo grows. The right candidate will be involved in many aspects of the company and join cowozo as a key member of the team.

—About the Role—

Coworking space manager is a part time role with primary responsibility to make sure that the space is sustainable in all aspects, and that members are happy. You will be backed by management for guidance, but the primary mission is to create a successful coworking space and a place for like minded people to network and collaborate belongs to you.

This is a varied role, from making sure the space is full and people are happy, to running networking events, to financial management, to making sure we have enough tea and coffee supplies in the pantry.

—Day to Day Tasks—

  • Help new desk renters settle into space, e.g. show around, issue membership, collect fees, etc
  • Monitor cleaning work and ensure that space is clean and tidy, including  kitchen, reception area, common spaces, and desks.
  • Make sure supplies are stocked up, e.g. milk powder, tea, coffee, paper, toner, cleaning products.
  • Manage petty cash for minor expenses
  • Develop and facilitate a system to manage all desk renters pitching in to collaborate on making the space great – allocating tasks, managing communications, making sure everyone is doing their share.

—Financial Management—

  • Budget in place to ensure the space continues to be financially sustainable
  • Recruiting enough people to rent desks to meet expenses
  • Reporting any variance or shortfalls to the management in a timely manner
  • Identify Innovating alternative revenue streams.

—Relationship Management—

  • Manage email inquiries and respond in a timely manner
  • Physical walkthroughs and onboarding new people
  • Bookings, invoicing, and following up for one-off room booking and hot deskers
  • Events to facilitate networking, bonding, skill sharing etc amongst Space renters
  • Stakeholder management


Manage the cowozo’s  social media and build the audience

Monthly email newsletters to space users

Informing everyone of special events, building repairs, etc

Management of cowozo members group for collaborative decision-making

Keep email list up to date

—About You—

You will be a highly self-managed person, and excited to work in a collaborative environment. You will have good organizational skills and be able to see what needs to get done and make it happen without the need for daily guidance. You will also have excellent communication skills, to interface with cowozo members,  prospective members and externally on social media.

You know how to strike a balance between engaging the community to foster a sense of ownership, and getting on with getting things done.